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Writer's Block: And the Apple Goes To

Who is/was your favorite teacher in school?

Mr. Mattison. Who else? Seriously. Mmmm!!!

Mar. 17th, 2009

[23:48] Jaddy: *sigh* how do i fix your world? i want us to both be happy and excited and shit right now :(
[23:49] Me: lol
[23:49] Me: yes,
[23:49] Me: Ok, that's it.
[23:49] Jaddy: hmm?
[23:49] Me: Our new saying for being happy is "I want to shit on the floor" or, "i just shit on the floor"
[23:49] Jaddy: Alicia...
[23:49] Jaddy: AT THE SAME TIME
[23:49] Me: lmao
[23:49] Jaddy: A WHOLE LOT.
[23:49] Me: That would be awesome
[23:49] Me: hahhaa
[23:50] Jaddy: good lord we're friends haha
[23:50] Me: True dat.



So apparently in the next X-Men movie, Ryan Reynolds will be playing in it. So will Dominic Monaghan (yummmmm). I hate that he had to go and die on Lost. I mean, I still have Josh Holloway but dammit. I miss my cute rock star!! lol.
I ordered lots of stuff online today.

I love sales. ^_^
This past week has been crazy. I worked a lot. Well, sort of.

Monday I didn't have a meeting, so I got a chance to work really hard on my pieces.

Tuesday I did have a meeting, and it went late which was lame. But when I got to Allyson's, she hadn't started a movie yet, so we watched The Family Stone and knitted. It was a pretty good movie.

Wednesday after work, I came home and thought about baking cookies. So eventually, I went to Meijer to buy bananas. I ended up having to buy green ones. Bleh. So...Baking was a no go for then.

Thursday I went to go get a loan. After I did all that I could, I went home, and me and the lady played phone tag. Then she didn't call me back after I gave her the go ahead. So, I just left for work. Dave had given me a PSA to work on for the theater. It had to be done by Monday because the guys from Comcast were coming to pick it up. Yes, that's right, Comcast. So that means people, not just in Canton, will see my PSA on TV. I remember washing dishes when I lived in Ann Arbor and seeing one that Allyson made, but I helped with the shooting. It was really sweet. We actually won a lot of awards for that PSA too. ^_^ Anyway...I started watching Disturbia and knitted for a bit, then I watched Ugly Betty. ^_^

Friday I went to work early. When I got there, Pirate guy was already there, and getting ready to do his voice over. He was doing an Irish accent. Totally came off pirate-ish. haha. He totally brightened my day up. Not that it was already a gloomy day or anything, he just made me smile and laugh. Anyway...We went to the movies a little after noon. We went to go see 30 Days of Night. It was ok. The stupid cunt a seat over from Pickle kept yelling at the screen. "Don't go in there!", "Oh I knew he got bit! I knew it!" AND THEN.....The stupid twat was on her fucking cell phone! I'm not kidding! Complete bull shit. I wanted to say something, and I should have. Oh well. After we got back, the work day just dragged on. I left work a little early, and me and Allyson went to get La Shish for dinner, then came back to eat, knit, and watch another vampire movie. I didn't finish watching it though, because I wanted to get some sleep. I had a really weird dream that night. At first, I just found out I was pregnant, then I was really far along, then I was giving birth, and then I had the baby. It was a boy, and I named him Benjamin, which is cool because I had always wanted a boy first. But for some reason, I felt disappointed because I really wanted a girl so I could name her Ryanne Eleanor. Seriously, it was weird.

I woke up at 6, and then just laid in bed for a while. I dozed off a couple of times, and finally got out of bed around 7:30. Got ready. Went to SMP. It was an ok lecture. Lots of demos. Jason helped keep me awake with his jokes over the headset. After the shoot, Ray and I walked to Seva for lunch. Aside from the really slow service, it was a good lunch. We had a good talk, and my TLT was DELICIOUS. After lunch, we walked back to the Argus building, and went our separate ways. When I got home, I wasn't feeling too well, so I just hung out, and cleaned a bit. Nothing too heavy. Then I called Chris, and we met up at Meijer. Then I got in his car, and we went to check out the new mall. That mall is AMAZING. We went and put our name on the waiting list for California Pizza Kitchen, then walked around and checked out the stores. It is a completely outdoor mall. It was sweet. They have a Forever 21, Apple store, Starbucks....Lots of stores. It was pretty cool. When we sat down, we ordered the Wild Mushroom pizza. It was really good! After dinner, we went to Starbucks for our "desert". After that, we went back to Meijer to pick up my car. By then, it was almost 7:30. So we hopped in my car, and headed for the Elks Lodge in Allen Park. We took I-75 down. I didn't know that the ramp to I-94 West was closed, so we tried to follow the detour, but all of a sudden, there weren't signs anymore. So we tried to find our own way there. Ended up on 96 West, then went east....Yeah...By the time we found 94 again but we were going east, and it was 8:30. I figured it would take us at least 10 minutes to turn around and actually find the place, and Matt said that they would be done playing by 8:45, maybe 9. So we vetoed that. I had to pee really really bad, and so did Chris, so we stopped at my parents house since it was on the way back anyway. We stayed there for about half an hour, during which we decided on a haunted house to go to, my mom called, and when we were getting ready to go to the haunted house, Matt had finally text messaged me back saying that they hadn't gone on yet, so we didn't miss anything. *grumble* Yeah....Well, I didn't feel like driving all that way again, and I was getting low on gas, so we just went to the haunted house. We went to the one on Gratiot put on by that one pawn shop. It was ok. I really don't have anything to compare it to since it was my first ever haunted house. I held Chris' hand the entire time because I was being a big baby, and was so sure that I was going to be freaked out. Haha. I also had him lead the way, though somehow I kept ending up in front. We caught up with the people in front of us, so we hung back in one room, and talked to Freddy Kruger. He was really tired, and just wanted to go home. He also gave us hugs. Aww, such a nice Freddy. Haha. After we got out of there, we drove back to the Meijer, and went shopping there. He picked out some yarn that I'll be buying this weekend so I can make him a new, and better scarf. ^_^ After I dropped him off at his car, I came home and baked cookies. Vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to be exact. They are amaZING. Seriously. The chocolate chips are carob, so they kind of have a bit of a bitter taste, but they are still delicious. I wanted to clean up everything, but I wanted them to cool first, so I laid down and watched That 70's Show. Well, I ended up passing out on the couch. NICE.

Woke up around 11:30, showered, got ready, cleaned up, then went to visit my Busia. Her and my Pa are leaving for Florida on Tuesday, and I wanted to see them before they left for the winter. She was soo surprised to see me. It was really nice. We talked a lot, and also watched part of The Holiday (because it was on the TV when I got there, and I was telling her how good of a movie it was). I really need to buy that movie. Seriously, I can't think of a man sexier than Jude Law. That face, and his accent...OHEMGEE. Haha. I'm home now. I was so paranoid about hitting a dear on the way back because I saw two on the side of the road on my way up, and it was dark when I drove home. I did the speed limit the whole way, and my eyes were darting all over the road like crazy.

I hope this week is a good one. I've got my CTM piece to finish, the CTM open, and the piece for the Leisure Show to finish. CHRIST! Ok, it's not going to be an "ok" week, it's going to be crazy. Great. At least I have Kris and Chris' wedding to look forward to on Saturday. I have to get started on their wedding book, so I can have it finished by Friday, and I can drop it off to Kris at work before I go to work.

Well, that's been the week.

I was going to watch That 70's Show and knit, but I think I'm going to get started on the guest book.

Until next time...............

Sep. 23rd, 2007

They released Amanda's name to the press last night.
I guess Linc did an interview.
My mom watched it.
I couldn't.
I would have bawled my eyes out.

She died this morning at 3:32am.

I fucking hate the bastard that did this.

RIP Amanda.

Sep. 17th, 2007

I had a dream this actually happened. It was FUCKED up.

I think since I really can't do much because I can barely effin' move my foot, I think I'm going to.....Clean my room up.

Or, at least what I can without moving too much. It also hurts to kneel which is totally lame, but I'm covered in bruises.

I have found a couple new loves.

Camille Rose Garcia

And Natalie Dee.

Yesterday, Troy and I went to the movies for a double feature. We first went to see War which was awesome. I love Jason Statham, and Jet Li. Then we went two theaters over and saw Shoot 'Em Up. We missed the first 10 minutes because they started War late, but it's ok. It was easy to pick up on, and holy crap. That movie was AMAZING!!! I can't wait to see it again. It was hilarious, and lots of pointless shooting, and Clive Owen was looking quite rough and wonderful. But anyway...We had good times. Then we came back home and just sat around because he was really worried about my ankle. He made me keep an ice pack on it. So sweet. We watched some of the Emmy's, which was cool. Sacker came and picked him up around 11 or so to take him to Lisa's so they could game. I didn't go because I was kinda bored last time, plus you know, my freaking foot was in lots of pain. And I kept like, kicking it last night and waking myself up. That fucking sucked.

I woke up late today. Eh.

This whole ankle situation has really fucked with my working out schedule for the week. I think I may just say fuck it and work out anyway. I need to tone up. Seriously.

I have got to stop getting hurt and/or sick.

I should probably get in the shower and eat something though.
I don't have strep!!!

I went to the doctors last night after my meeting (because luckily it went short). But because I've had this sore throat for over 9 days, the doctor gave me an antibiotic.

I came home last night instead of going to Allyson's. I didn't want to chance getting her sick too. I figured I should lay down and rest, so I had movie night for myself. I watched Another Gay Movie, and Hot Fuzz. Yeah, um, Another Gay Movie.....It was pretty horrible, but seriously, I laughed so freaking hard, probably not even at the parts that were supposed to be funny. Though the absolute BEST line in that movie is "31 flavors of genital cheese". I laughed for a good three minutes after hearing that one.

Man I feel like shit today. I should get in the shower. I need to go get my prescription filled, and the doctor said Meijer will do it for free. Nice. ^_^
So a few things....

My boss gave me the ok so that I can take the 28th off, and come in early on the 27th so that I can go down to Pennsylvania!

The Stars concert was really good.

PicturesCollapse )

Gas prices suck right now. $3.14?!?! WTF!!!

I'm so glad tomorrow (errr......today) is Friday. Unfortunately I just found out I have to work on Saturday night. Bleh. But hopefully it won't last very long.

Well I'm off. I've got a surprise appearance to make tomorrow before I go to work. ^_^ hehehehhehehehehehe

Oh, and I'm still sick, just not as bad as I was. I discovered these AMAZING cough drops. They're dark chocolate mint. They're delicious.